As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to cut costs. Needing a large plumbing project or new appliances can feel frustrating, but if you play your cards right, you can actually end up saving money in the long run.

Your water heater is one of the largest contributors to your monthly utility bills. If your old water heater has crossed the rainbow bridge, or you’re simply looking for a way to reduce your energy bills, you need a commercial water heater installation.

Before you jump in too fast, consider these six helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of your new commercial water heater.

1) Choose the Right Type of Heater

When choosing a new commercial water heater, you can choose between three different ways to source energy: gas, electricity, and solar power.

  • ⛽ Gas water heaters: These are the oldest water heaters on the market. They’re usually fueled by propane, and they often require a lot of maintenance and upkeep.
  • 🔌 Electric water heaters: Electric heaters are a newer and more popular option. They use electricity to heat water to a pre-set temperature.
  • ☀️ Solar water heaters: As the most modern water heaters, solar heaters use power from the sun to heat the water.

None of these types of water heaters are inherently right or wrong, but the best type will depend on your specific situation and needs. Be sure to schedule a consultation with a professional commercial plumber to get an expert opinion on what kind of water heater is best for your business.

2) Decide Between Tankless and Tank-Style

commercial water heater installation tankless

There are storage options for commercial water heaters, just like there are for residential water heaters. The two options you have are tank-style heaters and tankless heaters.

  • Tank-style water heaters are the traditional style of heaters. They have a storage tank, and the entire water tank gets heated at once. They’re usually cheaper upfront, but they take up a lot of space and require more energy.
  • Tankless water heaters are a more modern model that only heats water on-demand when it’s needed. Without a large storage tank, these heaters take up less space and use less energy. They cost more upfront to install, but they’re almost always worth it, thanks to the lower utility bills.

Keep in mind that tankless water heaters and electric heaters go hand in hand. If you want an electric heater, it must be tankless, and vice versa.

3) Find the Perfect Size for Your Business

Perhaps the biggest consideration is how much hot water your business needs. In order to make a sound decision about the two tips we just touched on, you’ll need an accurate picture of your building’s hot water needs.

Do you own a small retail store? Or a large apartment complex? Choosing a heater that’s too small will cause you to run out of hot water frequently. But choosing a model that’s too big will hurt your wallet in the long run.

Consider these factors to determine the size you need:

  • The type of business you have
  • The number of customers, employees, or tenants using hot water on a daily basis
  • How many hot water outlets you have
  • Your local climate
  • Peak hours of hot water usage

Consult with a professional plumber to narrow down the correct size commercial water heater for your needs.

4) Energy Efficiency Should Be Top of Mind

Most business owners consider getting new windows to boost energy efficiency. This is a fantastic option, but you can optimize your energy efficiency in other areas as well— your water heater being a main one.

Your water heating bill is one of the most significant utility costs you pay each month. There are a few things you can do to make your water heater more efficient:

  • Use heat traps to keep hot water from flowing out of the unit
  • Insulate the storage tank to minimize heat loss
  • Opt for an energy-efficient model when you need a water heater replacement

5) Choose a Qualified Installation Team

commercial water heater installation plumber
Mature plumber fixing a sink at kitchen

The best water heater on the market means nothing if it isn’t properly installed. Choosing a skilled plumber will help ensure you get a high-performing water heater that stands the test of time.

Narrow down your search for a reliable plumber with these tips:

  • Ask how often they install commercial water heaters in businesses of your size
  • Read online reviews and testimonials
  • Note their online presence
  • See how well they communicate and educate
  • Make sure they’re fully licensed
  • See if they offer any warranties or guarantees

Feel free to get a quote from two or three plumbers. Just keep in mind that a dramatically lower price quote isn’t always the best decision when you want a high-quality result in the long run.

6) Have a Maintenance Plan in Place

You likely won’t need a commercial water heater repair for a few years after getting a new unit. However, it’s a wise idea to come up with a maintenance plan to get the most out of your new heater.

Plan to schedule annual inspections to ensure everything is working properly with your water heater. Additionally, be sure to have any water leaks fixed as soon as possible. Even one leaky faucet could lead to a lot of wasted hot water.

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