So, you’ve got a leaky faucet, or you really want to get a new dishwasher installed. There’s usually one thing that gets in the way of immediately calling a plumber to schedule service— cost.

We get it. Money is a concern for millions of Americans, and if you’re already pressed tight on funds, spending more on your home can feel intimidating. There may be some plumbing projects you can take a DIY approach on, but most are best handled by a professional.

So, how much does a plumber cost? We’ll take look at:

  • Average plumbing costs in Minnesota
  • What’s included in the price
  • Mid-range costs of popular plumbing projects
  • Considerations that impact the final price

How Much Does a Plumber Cost in Minnesota on Average?

If you’re planning to hire a plumber for any given project in Minnesota, the median average cost is roughly $440 per project. However, the average price range for a plumber is between $105-$770.

how much does a plumber cost installing pipe

It can go without saying, but different projects come with different price tags. For example, fixing a clogged drain is a much simpler task than completely re-plumbing an entire bathroom, so those prices will be reflected accordingly.

What You’re Paying For

Hiring a plumber may cost more upfront compared to doing the project yourself, but having it done correctly the first time will save you money in the long run. What all goes into the cost of a plumbing job?

  • Labor: The most significant fee you’ll pay when hiring a professional plumber is labor. The whole point of hiring a plumber is to have someone with the appropriate training, knowledge, and experience complete the job for you. The labor costs are almost always worth the peace of mind you get in return.
  • Parts & Tools: When getting a new appliance, you will need to pay for the appliance. You can choose from different makes and models, so you can find ways to save money here. Additionally, you probably don’t have all the necessary plumbing tools on hand, but your plumber does! Plumbing contractors invest a lot of money into their tool collection, so a portion of their cost goes to covering their tools and materials.
  • Union & Overhead Fees: The plumbers union provides plumbers with insurance, pension, and other safety benefits. Plumbers usually need to pay 20-25% of their wages to cover union fees, so this is often worked into your overall cost estimate.

Average Plumbing Costs for Different Projects

Some plumbers always work on a per-hour basis, but others have established flat fees for common plumbing repairs. You can expect to get a quote roughly in these ranges for the following popular plumbing projects:

  • Fixing a leak: $150-$650
  • Unclogging a drain: $125-$300
  • Fixing a toilet: $150-$300
  • Cleaning a sewer line: $150-$500
  • Repairing a sump pump: $300-$750
  • Installing or repairing gas lines: $250-$750
  • Repairing a drain line: $300-$1,000
  • Installing a sump pump: $700-$1,900
  • Repairing a water main line: $350-$1,300
  • Installing new pipes: $350-$1,800
  • Installing a water main: $600-$2,500
  • Repairing a septic tank: $600-$2,500
  • Installing a bathtub: $1,000-$5,000
  • Installing a shower: $1,200-$5,500
  • Installing a water heater: $800-$3,000

4 Considerations That Can Impact the Final Cost

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You’re encouraged to get a price quote from 2-3 plumbers before undertaking a project. Just keep in mind that the lowest price isn’t always the best, especially if it’s a dramatic difference. If all the plumbers seem to have a similar quality, and one offers a slightly lower price, you’re likely in the clear. However, if a certain plumber estimates a significantly lower (or even higher) price, then you’re probably best off choosing someone who falls more in the middle.

Certain factors can contribute to the overall plumbing cost being higher or lower. Some of the most prominent considerations are:

1) Years of Experience

There are three tiers of plumbing experience:

  • Apprentice plumber
  • Journeyman plumber
  • Master plumber

An apprentice is still learning the ropes, a journeyman is licensed but still earlier on in their career, and a master plumber is the highest level a person can achieve. Working with a master plumber with decades of experience will cost more than if a journeyman undertakes your project.

Master plumbers make roughly $30-$75 an hour, while journeymen typically make $20-$34 an hour.

Hiring an apprentice or journeyman for simpler projects is a fantastic way to keep costs down while still ensuring a quality result. However, if you have a very complex job, you’re best off hiring a master plumber.

2) Licensure and Insurance

You may be tempted to pay less for an unlicensed plumber, but trust us when we say that’s not the route you want to take. Professional plumbers should be licensed, so don’t be afraid to ask them to show proof of license. Even though this may cost a little more than your handy neighbor down the street, the quality assurance is worth it.

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3) Residential vs. Commercial Projects

Residential plumbing projects are almost always cheaper than commercial projects. Commercial plumbing repairs are often more substantial than residential repairs, so the price of a commercial plumber is reflected in that.

4) Emergency Service

Do you have a pressing plumbing emergency that is happening after normal business hours or on a holiday? Some plumbers perform emergency service, but it often comes with a price tag to reflect an overtime rate. The overtime rate is typically time-and-a-half of the typical hourly rate.

Need a Reliable Plumber in Minnesota?

At the end of the day, it’s almost always worth it to hire a skilled, qualified plumber when you need a plumbing repair, replacement, or installation. If you’re located in the greater Twin Cities area in Minnesota, Paladin Plumbing has been a go-to choice for home and business owners for years.

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